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Industrial gas and welding equipment
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Hocon Industrial provides a full range of equipment, consumables, and protective equipment for many welding applications. Each of our 7 locations stocks basic supplies for your project. We will be happy to order any part, or have it shipped in from one of our other branches. We will order directly from the manufacturers when you need more than the basic consumables and equipment. The catalog on our website is a tiny sampling of the catalogs we have in each of our showrooms.
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HIG provides medical grade gasses for doctor offices, clinics, and oxygen tanks for personal use. We will deliver to you or arrange for you to pick up a tank at one of our branches. Most of our industrial gasses come in research grade, but we ask that you call us to arrange a special order and delivery for those types. Our Waterbury branch has a liquid nitrogen and can deliver to you throughout most of Connecticut.
Business applications for gas
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We supply industrial gasses for various businesses. We frequently service these businesses, and many others.
  • Greeting card and party stores (helium)
  • Food services and restaurants (CO2 for drinks)
  • Jewelry stores (torches used to repair jewelry)
  • Auto body
  • Manufacturing
  • HVAC, plumbing, and heating

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