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Saturday, May 25, 2013
Welding Supplies
For over 20 years the Hocon Gas has been committed in giving exceptional energy product and commitment to outstanding customer service. It has been supplying industrial, medical, specialty and cryogenic gases. This family-owned business supplies welding and safety supplies with an unprecedented passion for the industry.

The Hocon Industrial Gas arm of the company specializes in welding supplies. It offers welding gases and other supplies needed for welding projects. The company currently carries the products of ESAB and Lincoln.

The company offers ESAB Cored Wire Electrodes, ESAB Covered Electrodes, ESAB Solid Wire and Rod, ESAB Submerged Arc Wire and Fluxes, and ESAB Welding Filler. In addition to the ESAB Products, the company also sells Lincoln Welding Consumables.

The ESAB Cored Wire Electrodes covers an extensive array of Dual Shield, Mild Steel and Low Alloy cored wires. It also carries Coreweld metal cored wires and Coreshield self shielded cored wires.

The ESAB Covered Electrodes possess quality control standards that produce excellent results. Each premium electrode is manufactured in an ASME certified quality assurance system that insures that the product is of exceptional grade. This category carries the SUREWELD® Mild Steel Electrodes line, ARCALOY® & ESAB Stainless Electrodes and ARCALOY® & ESAB Nickel Steel Electrodes line, the NICKEL-ARC® Cast Iron Electrodes line, and the WEAR-ARC® Hardfacing & Build-up Electrodesline.

The ESAB Solid Wire and Rod Electrodes supplies the arc welding industry with an best quality wires and alloys that ensures higher wire feed speed and greater productivity. This category covers the Mild Steel Wires, the SPOOLARC® Low Alloy Wires, the OK® Autrod Stainless Steel GMAW Wires, the ARCALOY® Nickel Steel Solid Wires, the ESAB Aluminum Solid Wires, the Tigrod LA-GTAW Products and the Tigrod Stainless Steel GTAW Products

The ESAB Submerged Arc Wire and Fluxes has over 15 classifications of Spoolarc wires for submerged arc welding carbon and low alloy steels. Each submerged arc wire is manufactured under a strict ISO 9001 program. This ensures that the products are of the finest quality available. This category carries the Mild Steel & Low Alloy Submerged Arc Wires and Fluxes, the OK® Autrod Stainless Steel Submerged Arc Wires and Fluxes, the Stainless Cladding Strip/Flux Products, and the Nickel Steel Cladding Strip/Flux Products.

The ESAB Welding Filler provides other electrodes, cored wires, Stainless Cladding Strip and Submerged Arc Wire/Flux.

Like the ESAB products, the Lincoln Consumables are Welding Wire, Flux and Rods products. Lincoln Electric carries Stick electrodes, Mig wires and Tig Cut Lenghts, Metal-cored wires, Self-shielded (Flux-cored), Gas-shielded (Flux-cored), Submerged Arc, Stainless and High Alloy, Nickel Alloys, Hardfacing, Aluminum Mig and Tig, Pipeliner, and Murex.

Aside from providing welding gas to its customers, Hocon is a welding supply store that carries and provides exceptional welding supplies to its customers.

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