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Monday, April 08, 2013
Spotlight on ESAB
The Elektriska Svetsnings-Aktiebolaget, or more commonly known in the English speaking countries as ESAB is a Swedish industrial company. Operating for more than a century, ESAB is proud of its experience in crafting expert quality materials.

Since its inception by Oscar Kjelberg in Sweden in 1904, the company has become the leader in the welding industry both in engineering and innovation. More than a century old, the company never lost sight of its original mission in providing its customers with the highest caliber of products and services.

ESAB is an industry leader in producing and developing equipments used in welding and cutting. To date, ESAB is the world's largest manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment and materials. The company has become identified as the world leading expert in the following areas – manual welding and cutting equipment, welding consumables, welding automation and mechanized cutting systems. ESAB introduced many innovative products and processes which includes stainless stick and low hydrogen electrodes, as well as submerged arc, TIG and MIG welding.

100 years after its foundation, ESAB continues to serve its customers globally. It is represented in almost every country by subsidiaries or agents. ESAB has established its sales and support system in almost 80 countries. In addition to that, production units for machines and consumables were built in efficient plants all over the world.

ESAB sees itself as a consistent provider of world-class welding and cutting solutions. Keeping the customers' needs in mind, the company continues to update its products, providing consistent world-class craftsmanship in welding and cutting solutions.

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